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CCA Meeting Minutes of February 8th 2005

February 8th, 2005 Comments off


Minutes of the Carlington Community Association General Meeting held on


February 8, 2005 at the Alexander Community Centre


1. Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

Harassment coordinator - Linda Dodd


2. Roll Call: Present, Mike Alain-Director of Communication, Peter McKennirey-


Linda Dodd- Secretary/Treasurer, Ian McCuaig-Vice-President and

Jim McLean,


Absent: George Le Mesurier-Director, Carole Ford-Director,

John Black,

Director of Marketing, Anne Baytaluk-Director and Gerry

Fitzgerald-Director of Volunteers

Residents in attendance: Glen Carr, Gail McClemens, Lisa

McClemens, Jeanne Burgess, Donna Gordon, Melinda Shaw, Nisa Tummon, Mimi Wong


3. Adoption of the Agenda: M/S Gail McClemens/Lisa McClemens to adopt the



4.  Announcements: Jim introduced Riley Brockington, School Board Trustee who

came to give us more information concerning the school closures. He expanded on five

points -

1. Process on why closing Laurentian first - mainly low enrolment and courses

provided and then secondly Dec. 16th voted that both schools JS Woodsworth

and Laurentian close.

2. Redirection - west of Clyde go to Woodroffe, Central Park/Carlington to Nepean

or Glebe. If redirected school is not the one they prefer, students from

Laurentian have #1 priority or first choice to pick an alternate school they would

prefer to attend.

3. Transitional support - money will be reinvested to students to help make

transition; i.e. bus passes for those who meet distance criteria.

4. Concerns: Special Ed: trustees will be meeting with parents/students early

February. Student assistance - communications going home to parents, Grade

assembly, automated voice messages to parents, counsellors to meet with students

individually to check upcoming course selections. Staff have met with other

schools re ongoing course development to best match the needs of current

students. Open houses at other schools.

5. Building: No decision has been reached on what to do with the buildings until a

comprehensive look at technical and trades being provided. Future - there are

currently four schools now - Albert St Technical HS, Confederation, JS

Woodsworth and Laurentian. French Board is looking at JS Woodsworth.

Question and Answer period followed: Why can they not bus students from Barrhaven to

Laurentian? A: some are being bussed from Barrhaven to Merivale already. Students

have the option to go to Laurentian but do not want to go there. Survey shows that only

half the students in our area go to Laurentian - only 60 students from Central Park. Q:

Will there be any layoffs? A: staff who become redundant can apply for available

positions that will be made due to more students at other schools. They will get support in

preparing resumes. There may be a few custodial jobs, but probably will be absorbed due

to retirements.

Due to retirements and also shortage of Principals, there will probably be no problem.

They will find positions. Q: Buss Passes being offered to students for transition- What

happens when money runs out from the transition fund? Riley has noted this point. One

comment of concern is how much control will there be to make sure that Laurentian

students have first choice/priority to pick the school they want to attend? Riley

commented that he would keep an eye on this. Q: Regarding the study done -how far in

the future did they go to base the decision? There should be a new survey done asking

Why students do not want to attend Laurentian? There is a false impression of

Laurentian. A: Riley agrees the survey needs to have these questions on the form - why

do you not want to attend etc.


5. Approval of Dec 14, 2004 minutes - M/S Mike Alain/Peter McKennirey that the

minutes be approved. Carried.

Approval of the January 11, 2005 information minutes only, as we did not have a

quorum of the Executive present - M/S Jeanne Burgess/Glen Carr that the minutes be

approved. Carried.


6.  Business arising from the minutes: All in favour that Donna Gordon be Director of

Membership. Carried.


7.  President's report : nothing to report at this time.


8.  Treasurer's report: Linda reported that we have $572.93 in the bank. Donna Gordon

handed in a bill for $6.90 to cover cost of supplies. Question was asked if there is a

budget for the AGM? Answer: no, there is no budget as of now, but when the AGM

is planned in April cost if any, will be discussed. Linda moved that her verbal report be

approved, seconded by Ian McCuaig. Carried.


9.   Councillor's report - none.


10.  Reports of the Committees:

Membership and Marketing - Donna provided copies of a special meeting that was held

by the membership committee at her home. She has made up special Membership Drive

kits for those interested in helping. At the end of the meeting all those interested can

pick up the kits. First of all we should ask our friends and neighbours. At this point

Donna asked for approval of her report - M/S Glen Carr/Melinda Shaw to adopt her

report. Mike proposed an amendment that everyone needs to take a kit, however, this

was opposed. Second step in order to attract others that we do not know to come out to

our meetings and become members is to have a special information night. Suggestion

for our March meeting is The Royal Ottawa building project. Peter is checking into

a contact from the Royal Ottawa who can come and speak to us. Sue has contacted

Maria's office for a City representative. Also, a flyer could be distributed to the area

close to the Royal Ottawa who may be

interested - advertise in The News etc. M/S Donna Gordon/Jeanne Burgess that we

adopt this second phase of our membership drive. Carried. When Peter/Donna have

the Royal Ottawa speakers contact Mike and he will get this put in The News (must be

done as soon as possible). Suggestion for April's meeting to feature the Traffic

concerns/proposals - Mike will look into this.

Actual AGM: advertise is a must - options in The News if possible, put a small map

including the boundaries. Need to invite Maria. Clem also suggested having an aerial

map when people sign up at the AGM to put a dot on the map where your house is. This

would indicate the areas where our CCA members are coming from - a very good


M/S Jeanne Burgess/Glenn Carr moved that the CCA invite the Mayor to the AGM.

An amendment to this motion was withdrawn after brief discussion and the main motion

stands and was voted on with two opposed. Carried.

Long term fund raising - Donna gave an idea that her committee came up with and that

was concerning Home Renovations - in the fall, have a special Renovation night for the

community - residents could bring photos of before and after renovations of their

homes, invite renovators etc. Melinda commented that students/teachers could be

invited from the University of Ottawa, who are doing courses on Home Renovation.

Planning and Procedures - as Gerry Fitzgerald was not present, postpone to March or a

later date.

Traffic - Mike reported that nothing has been done since December. He will get together

with his committee and see what they can do for the April meeting. Advertising

would also have to be done in the areas most concerned about traffic and in The


Constitution and Bylaws - Mike is working on updating the Bylaws - amending re proxy

voting, and conflict of interest, stucutre of meetings (see next).


11.   Meeting structure: goes with the Bylaw updates. Propose- Board of Directors'

meeting monthly and general meetings bimonthly. Discussion followed with

concerns from the attendees that all members should be able to attend the Board of

Directors' meetings, that dates of the meetings be published and sent to members a month

in advance.

If we see anything in the bylaws that need to be changed send these changes to Mike as

soon as possible. We need to send to all members 60 days prior to the AGM for

everyone to read and be able to vote on at the AGM. Jim commented that for the

month of February he will be away a lot and therefore is passing the reins over to

Peter McKennirey. As Mike does not have e-mail, if anyone has any comments or

changes that they would like to see in the bylaws contact Peter e-mail or Linda e-mail , and they will

make sure Mike gets the comments/changes.


12.   Nomination Committee: Jim asked for volunteers to be on the Nomination

Committee, which will need to be appointed at our next meeting in March. The duties

of the Nomination Committee are outlined in the Constitution/Bylaws booklet, which is

also on the website.


13.  . Adjournment - M/S Jeanne Burgess/Lisa McClemens that the meeting be adjourned

at 9:30 p.m. Carried.

Next meeting will be held Tuesday, March 8, 2005, 7:00 p.m -

Alexander Community Centre


Mission Statement


"The Carlington Community Association is the community voice that links Carlington

residents, businesses and city council on issues and developments of interest to, or

affecting the community. The association is to inform and support Carlington, and

enhance the character, safety and quality of life within the community, by seeking and

representing community views and concerns to council; through organization and

promotion of events and activities that encourage community awareness and

participation; by advising and soliciting through city council, improvements to services

and physical features; by promoting active membership and participation of Carlington

residents and business in the activities of the CCA, and through liaison with other

community associations and organizations."