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Annual General Meeting Follow Up

May 26th, 2016 Comments off

A huge THANK YOU to all the Carlington residents and CCA members who braved a marathon AGM last night, who contributed to a lively discussion, and who made their opinions heard on the Carlington Hill Bike Park proposal and the election of the 2016/17 Board of Directors.

In terms of results, the Bike Park proposal was approved by the membership with 70% of the total vote. The CCA is following up with the Councillors office and the Parks & Recreation Dept on next steps and will communicate further info as it is available. Any further opportunities for discussion on the proposal will be communicated as well.

As per tradition (and our By-Laws), the entire CCA Board of Directors resigned at the AGM, so the 2016/17 Board could be (re)elected. Many thanks to the following residents who have committed to serve over the coming year:

Cameron Ketchum, President

Charity Bartlett

Nelson Coyle

Linda Dodd

Robert Brinker

Robert Crout

Cathy Younger-Lewis

Anna Du Vent

David Hoey

Further executive positions will be assigned at a June planning meeting and shared widely, as will a high-level summary of CCA priorities for the coming year.

NOTE that opportunities to support or contribute to the CCA do not end with the Board of Directors. The CCA is keen to involve volunteers on a number of critical issues and needs, including volunteer recruitment/management, event planning, social media/comms, fundraising, and representation/working groups from specific areas of the community. We also welcome expressions of interest in special projects that the CCA can help support and promote.

Please contact Cameron at with any questions!

Thanks friends and neighbours for all your involvement and support!



Annual General Meeting Info

May 18th, 2016 2 comments

The CCA Annual General Meeting will be held Wednesday May 25 at the Alexander Community Centre (960 Silver St). The meeting itself will run from 7-9pm, but doors will be open as of 6pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Voting on the Carlington Hill Bike Park proposal will be by secret ballot and members can vote anytime between 7pm and 8:30pm. You do not need to stay for the entire meeting to vote! More details below.

Key Info on the AGM is as follows:

1. Meeting AGENDA

The AGM will include the 2015/16 report from the CCA Board, 2016/17 Board elections, a report from Councillor Riley Brockington, questions and discussion on the Carlington Hill Bike Park proposal, and a vote on a motion to approve the proposal (motion is presented in Item #6 below).

2. Membership Info

One must be a member of the CCA to vote, and a resident of Carlington to become a members of the CCA. Memberships are pay-what-you-like (only when obtained in-person at the moment) and are available on the website or in-person at the meeting. Memberships are valid for one-year from the date of registration.

Please bring valid ID with your address to the meeting to confirm your membership!

3. Board Elections

Any member may stand for election to the CCA Board of Directors, or for President of the Board (this position is elected separately). There are nine positions on the Board, eight of which were filled this past year. While seven members are planning to stand for re-election, including current President Cameron Ketchum, all will be asked to resign at the meeting before standing again for 2016/17.

Please see the Nominations Committee report for more info and contact the Chair if you wish to stand for election to the CCA Board.

4. Carlington Hill Bike Park Proposal (updated)

An updated proposal has been submitted to the CCA by the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association (OMBA) on Phase 1 of their original proposal. Note that the vote on May 25 will be on whether to approve only Phase 1 of the proposal, as detailed in the updated document.

Please see background info on this issue and the CCA Question & Answer sheet for further context.

5. Voting Procedures

Only members of the CCA are eligible to vote, on either the Board elections or the Bike Park proposal motion (below).  Voting will be done by secret ballot and members must have their membership validated before obtaining a ballot (please bring ID with your address to the meeting). Two private voting boxes with screens will be available at the meeting.

Note that members may vote on the Bike Park proposal by secret ballot anytime between 7pm-8:30pm and do not have to stay for the duration of the meeting to vote. Voting will close at 8:30pm in order to have time to count the votes before adjourning. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate advance or remote voting at this time.

* Note that the above was edited to remove reference to an advance polling option on May 23. Procedural norms do not allow us to offer advance polling before the meeting is called to order at 7pm. Our apologies for the confusion.

6. MOTION, to be voted on as written, through secret ballot, by the CCA membership on May 25.

That the Carlington Community Association (CCA) approve, in principal, Phase 1 of the Carlington Hill Bike Park proposal, with the following conditions:

  • that no further phases of the bike park be implemented without approval by Carlington residents, through the CCA;
  • that the CCA and Carlington residents, through a dedicated working group, are consulted on Phase 1 design and construction details and have opportunities to inform further planning;
  • that any bike park facilities be accessible by residents of all ages and be free of charge;
  • that Carlington residents be involved in construction and maintenance of the facilities;
  • that appropriate environmental and conservation experts are consulted;
  • that concerns expressed by Carlington residents are noted and considered carefully as planning and implementation of Phase 1 progress.

7. Bike Park Proposal Survey Results

After OMBA presented their proposal to the CCA and residents on March 23, the CCA created an online survey to broadly measure opinions in the community and throughout the City on this proposal, and solicit feedback. This survey was not scientific and was open to anyone to complete. Comments and feedback obtained through the survey prompted the CCA to make adjustments to how the original OMBA proposal would be approached. Below are the results of the most relevant questions from the survey.

Q1-Carlington Only, Q2-Carlington Only, Q3-Carlington Only, Q4-Carlington Only

Q1-City Wide, Q2-City Wide, Q3-City Wide, Q7-City Wide

8. Annual CCA Financial Statement (forthcoming)

9. 2015 AGM Minutes

10. CCA By-Laws, for reference.






May 17th, 2016 Comments off

Hey Carlington!! Join us this holiday Monday for the annual Carlington Family Fun Day! Brought to you once again this year by the CCA and the Carlington Arts Initiative.



Victoria Day, Monday May 23

12 – 4pm

Alexander Park (960 Silver St)

  • Kids Games & Activities
  • Bouncy Castle!
  • Kids Bike Obstacle course!
  • Face Painting
  • Live Music!
  • A visit from the Bookmobile and our local Police Officers and Firefighters (with truck!)








Carlington Yard & Plant Sale: Saturday June 4th!

May 15th, 2016 Comments off

YS 2016Y&Pmap





Carlington Yard Sale Locations 2016


At Harrold Place Park and throughout Carlington!

Running a sale? Click on the map above to add your location (login with your  G-mail account) or email us your address and we will do it for you !


Call for Nominations to the CCA Board & Nominations Committee Update

May 10th, 2016 Comments off

Every year at the Annual General Meeting, CCA Board members are chosen through consideration and election by the membership. This year, most of the Board has pledged to stand for re-election, but the CCA welcomes expressions of interest from the community to join the Board for 2016/2017.

Members/residents interested in running for election to the Board are asked to submit their name to Ted Radstake at ahead of the Annual General Meeting, or can submit their nomination from the floor during this meeting.

Note that all those standing for election to the Board will be invited to address the membership (briefly, as time is limited).

Nomination Committee Report for May 25, 2016 Annual General Meeting

Names of Board Members standing for election:

Cameron Ketchum - Current President

Charity Bartlett - Current Vice President

Nelson Coyle - Current Secretary

Linda Dodd - Current Treasurer

Robert Brinker - Current Director & Development Committee Chair

Robert Crout - Current Director

Catherine Younger-Lewis - Current Director

Anna Du Vent - Standing for election for the first time

Names of Board Members standing down:

Ted Radstake - Director, Greening Committee Chair

Positions open on the Board:

Director - Greening Committee Chair

Director - Previously vacant position





Up Your Bike Repair Skills Carlington!

May 9th, 2016 Comments off

BikeCheck out this awesome opportunity with our friends at the CCHC!



Board Meeting Minutes April 2016

May 4th, 2016 Comments off

The Board Meeting Minutes from April 20th, 2016 are available for download here