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CCA Board votes to oppose proposal for seven storey rezoning on Fisher; membership will have opportunity to weigh in

March 17th, 2013 Comments off

Having heard the feedback of CCA members and local residents, the CCA board met Sunday March 17 and agreed to the following motion:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Carlington Community Association does not support the proposed R5 rezoning at 1110 Fisher Avenue.

The motion passed with the unanimous support of all directors present. UPDATE: Complete minutes from the meetings on March 12 and March 17 are available here and here (respectively).

A number of CCA members have written to request an opportunity to weigh in directly on this issue. Accordingly, a meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday April 3rd at the Alexander Community Centre to address community questions about the application to rezone 1110 Fisher Avenue.

The association will participate in the City of Ottawa's planning process and undertake to carry forward the concerns highlighted in the recently submitted report of the CCA Development Committee. The CCA has also requested and received Councillor McRae's support to work with City staff for a public meeting with planning staff to outline the details of the proposal, describe the planning process and hear resident feedback.  Scheduling details for this meeting will be forthcoming as soon as available.

An update on the CCA's advocacy and activities with respect to this file will be provided at the April 3rd special general meeting.


Sunday March 17th, 2013

March 17th, 2013 Comments off

Board Members Present: Jerry, Darlene, Linda, Margaux, Josh and Chelsea

Absent: Diane, Phil, Sarah

  1. Josh call to order
  2. Approval of Agenda
    1. Jerry moved
    2. Linda seconded
    3. All in favour
    4. Minutes to be typed by Darlene
      1. Chelsea to ask Phil to send electronic copy of report
      2. Approve minutes by email
      3. Reflection of Tuesdays Meeting
        1. Big issue was lack of respectful conduct
        2. Board recognizes a failure to adequately discuss among themselves the issue of 1110 Fisher before the meeting of March 12th in order to be fully aware of the issue at hand. The end result was a Board that was unprepared to adequately discuss the issue.
        3. The Board also recognizes that community members did not feel adequately represented.
        4. The Way Forward
          1. Josh proposed an action plan for 1110 Fisher:

i.      Recognize and act upon the community’s desire to see the CCA echo their concerns and opposition to the proposed development at 1110 Fisher Avenue

ii.      Finalize our analysis of the proposed rezoning and use it to inform a position statement that we can use in meetings with planning staff and the developer

iii.      Invite residents with properties having a direct abutment to the lot at 110 Fisher to attend a meeting with the developer, planning staff and Councillor to voice their concerns and ask questions (Date to be provided shortly).

iv.      Follow up on the CCA’s request for a facilitated public meeting with planning staff for interested community members to better understand the process and how they can take part, to ask questions and to voice their concerns (Councillor has already agreed to work with staff to facilitate this request).

v.      Make arrangements to appear before the planning Committee when this proposal comes up for debate and be prepared to make cogent, informed, land use planning arguments for our position.

  1. We discussed an action plan based on a report of the Development Committee. Linda made a motion “Be it resolved that the Carlington Community Association does not support the proposed R5 rezoning at 1110 Fisher Avenue”; Jerry seconded and all Directors present were in favour. We will carry this message forward as part of the planning process.
  2. Special meeting requested by 10 or more members. Date set for 7pm to 9pm April 3rd, 2013. This will be considered a Special General Meeting which will discuss exclusively 1110 Fisher Avenue.
  3. AGM nominating committee appointments.
    1. Facilitate board recruitment
    2. Wendy and Chelsea will form the committee
    3. The role and mandate of the committee was described.  After the President’s report the Board formally resigns when our term ends and the nominating committee presents their report and the election process begins.


iv.      Jerry moves Wendy Vasbinder & Chelsea be named as CCA AGM nominating committee

  1. Linda seconded
  2. All in favour

v.      Dore took past minutes of AGM meeting; we need to find for the next AGM meeting which will take place on May 14th at 7pm.

  1. Margaux moved for this date; Jerry seconded; All in favour.
  2. Other
    1. Can we develop a process to deal with redevelopment (this is a major reason that people attend CCA meetings and visit our website).

i.      Hintonburg has a process – consider inviting them to speak about their processes and best practices.

ii.      Committee Governance Issue / Procedure

iii.      Propose creation of Guidelines and Code of Conduct at future meetings

  1. Carlington Family Day May 20th, 2013

i.      Enbridge BBQs (Margaux to apply for them to provide equipment and cooks)

ii.      Seek donations from businesses (Margaux to identify potential sponsors; Darlene willing to approach two businesses identified by Margaux to make a request for food).

  1. Membership Drive – next meeting April 12th; board members asked to collect flyers at that meeting for later drop off
  2. W.E. Gowling Campaign for French Immersion – requesting space on the website

i.      To be provided in the form of a Blog Tag

ii.      They want to have a URL/website that will redirect to our site (the blog tag)

iii.      Can be discussed at the April meeting

  1. Cleaning Up The Capital

i.      Marc and Sarah will present our plan at the next meeting

Motion to end the meeting by Linda at 3:50pm. Margaux seconded; All in favour.



1110 Fisher Avenue rezoning

March 13th, 2013 15 comments

Community members turned out to the CCA Board meeting last night, many with concerns and questions about how to voice their opinion about a proposed re-zoning of the property located at 1110 Fisher Avenue. The City of Ottawa is in receipt of an application to convert the site from a current single family home on the property to an 'R5', which in this instance is proposed to consist of a 26 m high, five storey building with 42 residential units. Full details are available through the City of Ottawa's website here.

In the coming weeks, the CCA will facilitate opportunities for the community to make their opinions known. The comment period for this proposal has been extended from March 18 to April 12th, 2013 to allow residents time to respond to this proposal.

The CCA will continue to pursue all available avenues to represent the community's opinion. We are pleased to report that we have secured the Councillor's commitment to work with City staff to facilitate a community meeting in the coming weeks to learn more about this proposal and the application process and to voice their concerns.

Individuals who want to be heard are encouraged to contact the City of Ottawa’s file lead, Simon Deiaco, who can be reached by telephone at 613-580-2424 x 15641. Residents can send written comments directly to the file lead using the Development Application Search on the City of Ottawa website and searching for application number D02-02-13-0008

Ultimately, this proposal will be considered by City Council's Planning Committee. More information about the committee including membership can be found here. Contact information for all City Councillors can be found here.


Proposed Carlington seniors health residence

March 11th, 2013 Comments off

Below you'll find a presentation delivered at an open house meeting hosted by the Carlington Community Association on January 28, 2013.

Presenters included Michael Birmingham, Executive Director, Carlington Community Health Centre, Jo-Anne Poirier, Ottawa Community Housing Corporation and Councillor Maria McRae.

This proposal is in the early stages and has yet to be finalized. The proponents were kind enough to agree to participate in an open dialoge with community members facilitated by the CCA.

If you have questions or would like more information about this proposal you can contact the Carlington Community Health Centre here.

Proposed seniors residence at 900 Merivale Road by


VRTUCAR presentation – available to download

March 9th, 2013 Comments off

We had a great presentation from VRTUCAR - Ottawa's car sharing group - at our February CCA meeting.  Thanks Wilson and Stephanie!

If you missed the meeting you can download their presentation here:  VRTUCAR presentation - CCA mtg Feb 12, 2013

Here are a few things we learned:

  • There are now several VRTUCAR stations near Carlington: at 130 Central Park and several along  Wellington, Richmond, and Parkdale
  • As  more people join, it could be possible to have another station in Carlington.  It makes sense as a link the network between Hintonburg/Westboro and Central Park.
  • Locations need to be close to public transportation, visible and accessible 24-hours/day.  They welcome ideas for good locations.
  • In Ottawa, the network includes hybrid vehicles and even one electric car.
  • There are special deals with OC Transpo and VIA Rail for combined car-sharing and public transportation
  • Members also have access to car-sharing networks in Gatineau, Kingston, Toronto, Waterloo/Hamilton, Montreal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke

If you are curious to learn more, contact VRTUCAR at or 613-798-1900.



March general meeting

March 6th, 2013 2 comments

Join us Tuesday March 12 for our monthly general meeting. We'll be discussing resident efforts to bring Early French Immersion to WE Gowling School, starting to plan the second annual Carlington Family Fun Day (slated for Victoria Day Monday) and preparing for our upcoming annual general meeting.

Our draft agenda (subject to change) is included below.

Carlington Community Association Board Meeting #6 (2012-13)

March 12, 2013
Alexander Community Centre (960 Silver Street)

Agenda items

  1. Call to order/Welcome
  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Approval of minutes from previous meetings
  4. Update from City Hall
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. WE Gowling Early French immersion initiative
  7. CCA AGM preparation
  8. Community building report
  9. Carlington Family Fun Day
  10. Membership report
  11. Greening Carlington report
  12. Development committee report
  13. Other