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Get rid of graffiti!

November 9th, 2011

Keeping Carlington clean and safe is everyone's responsibility. Doing your part to report graffiti and other vandalism can help ensure the health of our urban environment. The City of Ottawa makes it easy to keep Carlington clean--all you need to is keep your eyes peeled for graffiti and other vandalism and report it using this simple online form. Ottawa's anti-graffiti sqaud takes care of the rest!

You've probably heard about the broken window theory--the idea that communities that monitor and deal with minor vandalism can actually beat back urban disorder and stop escalation into more serious crimes. Conversely, neighbourhoods that leave broken windows and other vandalism unattended tend to invite additional crime and anti-social behaviour. It's up to all of us to do something about it.

Graffiti is not a victimless crime. Left unattended, even minor vandalism can leave the impression that no cares and no one is in control. It discourages business, shopping and invites criminal activity to a neighbourhood. By keeping our streets clean we actually stop vandalism from spreading. Let's do our part to ensure Carlington is a neighbourhood where minor vandalism isn't left to stand unattended.

Carlington residents are the eyes and ears of the community. We're best placed to keep our streets clean and safe. Do your part. Keep your eyes peeled when you're out walking the dog or taking a stroll. If you see even minor graffiti or vandalism--whether on public or private property--take down the address and report it! It only takes a second.

For more information about Ottawa's graffiti management strategy and to find out what you can do to keep Carlington clean and safe, visit the City of Ottawa website. Let's get rid of graffiti in Carlington!

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