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New digital billboards questionnaire.

October 31st, 2011

31 October 2011

Re:   November 2011 Digital Billboards Questionnaire

Dear residents,

Thank you for participating in the spring 2011 digital billboards questionnaire at ottawa.ca/digitalbillboards.
Based on your feedback, modifications have been made to the operation of the three digital billboard pilot
project signs. Starting November 1, 2011, the following changes will be in effect:

o  sign brightness will be reduced between sunset and sunrise
o  the most rapidly changing messages featuring the time and temperature will be eliminated
o the public service announcements will be extended from 6 to 12 seconds

Given these changes, we invite you to respond to a second questionnaire that will be available between
November 1 –30 on ottawa.ca/digitalbillboards. This questionnaire is much shorter and more targeted than the
last one. Once you have had the chance to notice the changes to the signs, I would appreciate if you took a few
minutes to visit the website and complete the questionnaire. Your feedback will help inform recommendations
to Planning Committee as part of the Digital Signage Study.

Thank you once again for your participation.


Peter Giles
Program & Project Management Officer
Agent, Gestion des programmes et projets
Building Code Services / Services du code du bâtiment
City of Ottawa / Ville d'Ottawa
613-580-2424  ext./poste  21667

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